Fishing Cuttyhunk Island - 73 pound striped bass


Fred Barnes 73 Pound Striped Bass 73 pound striped bass

73 Pound Striped Bass. Photo courtesy of Virginia Beach Fishing Center. Fred Barnes, of Chesapeake VA, caught this Virginia state-record 73-pound striper off of Cape Henry on Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2008. Fred was trolling a red and white Stretch 30 at a relatively fast speed (around 5 knots), while heading for some observed bird activity. The.

Striped Bass State Record Broken For Immediate Release February 15, 2008. A 73-pound striped bass, caught on January 23rd by Frederick Barnes of Chesapeake, has been certified as the new Virginia state record by the Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament, as it easily eclipsed the existing record of 68 pounds, 1 ounce.

The Massachusetts record is a 73-pound fish caught at Nauset Beach in 1981. Females grow larger than males and most stripers over 30 pounds are female. The number of eggs produced by a female striped bass is directly related to the size of its body; a 12-pound female may produce about 850,000 eggs, and a 55-pound female about 4,200,000 eggs.

Massachusetts Record striped Bass is shared by 3 people most recently by Anton Stetzco 11/13 1981 at Nausett Beach. Anton Stetzco with a 73 pound Massachusetts record. Mr and Mrs. Charles Church with the 1913 record. Quicks hole. Charles Cinto Sow & Pigs 1967.