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Declawing cats is an emotionally charged and hotly debated topic.Both the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Academy of Feline Medicine stress that owners should be educated about both the procedure and its alternatives. The American Academy of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) goes even further by saying it strongly opposes the practice, which is considered a major surgery.Author: Sandy Eckstein.

Alternatives to declawing cats. There are several alternatives to declawing cats, although effectiveness may vary depending on a cat's age and temperament. Some of the more prevalent alternatives to declawing cats are: Behavioral Training: This is a much more effective alternative for kittens than adult cats, and involves redirecting a.

Declawing Adult Cats May Lead to Complications and Pain. Adult cats can undergo the procedure, but their recovery is a bit tougher, and each individual cat's health must be taken into consideration when deciding whether it is a good candidate for the surgery.Author: Ann Roberts.

Home > Basic Training > Why Cats Shouldn’t be Declawed Why Cats Shouldn’t be Declawed For many new cat guardians, the decision to declaw the cat is made before any attempts at training are done and before gaining a thorough understanding of what this permanent procedure actually involves.