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As with all boa species, females tend to be both longer and heavier as mature adults. This is a natural adaptation that aids the females when it comes time to support and give birth to up to a dozen live babies. Average adult size for dumerils boas ranges from 4 to 6 feet, with occasional specimens reaching nearly 8 .

Dumeril’s Boa (Boa dumerili) Dumeril’s boas are medium-sized snakes, very stocky in build and calm in temperament. Dumeril’s boas are clad in a variety of colors -- peaches, tans, browns, grays, greens and reds. They come from the drier southwestern regions of .

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A shy boa baby will feel more secure if there is a hide for them on the cool side and the warm side of the enclosure (more about that in the heating section). For an adult, you will want a custom enclosure or one of the large 5+ foot molded plastic reptile cages.