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Situated Learning in the Form of Storytelling Situated Learning (sometimes referred to as Situational Learning), is a powerful and effective form of learning based on narrative structures. As humans, and from an early age, we contextualize our experiences by ascribing meaning to them through storytelling.

Storytelling is when the instructor illustrates a concept, idea or principle with a real-life application, model or case-study by telling a story. The interesting thing about stories used to con  nect theory to real life in adult learning is that they can be both real and fictional.

The paper is designed to introduce storytelling as an effective tool for adult educators while also pointing out the different types of storytelling and its implications on e-learning. Findings: The findings from the literature review completed confirmed the authors' view that storytelling is effective for adult learners.Cited by: 16.

Jan 29, 2015 · Storytelling is the solution for these learners as it comprises a wide range of language skills and knowledge. You can practice new vocabulary, revise all verb tenses, use linking words and phrases, and you can do it in speaking or writing. How can you motivate your students to talk more and feel confident about telling a story?