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Jul 08, 2014 · Our adult curriculum is specifically designed to safely teach martial arts to men and women at their own individual fitness level, as well as increase their individual fitness. Each of our self-defense classes possesses a unique step-by-step methodology of training to ensure success.

“Since the day my son first started at Draco Academy, we have noticed a dramatic change both physically and mentally. Through martial arts training he has learned to run faster, react quicker and outlast other children in the same sport.

The ATA is a positive, supportive, inclusive organization that truly motivates each individual to do his or her best. I have been involved with.

Introduce your child to a wide range of disciplines with our Kids Martial Arts Classes in Homewood. From MMA to Kickboxing and BJJ, our Kids Martial Arts classes feature high-energy training and fun, exciting classes. Classes near Homewood and Birmingham.