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The average man has a 16-inch collar, which is considered the average neck size, although most shirts are around a half-inch bigger. The average man has a 410-inch chest, 41-inch hips and a 35-inch waist.

Mar 17, 2016 · Inside Brad Pitt's All-Male AA Recovery Group. In Baena’s study, men with a neck circumference greater than that were more likely to have 3 or more heart disease risk factors.Author: Christa Sgobba.

Jun 11, 2019 · Ever wonder what the neck size of your pup was and how it compares to other dogs? Or maybe you got a new dog and need to know what size collar to get for them? Search our table by breed to find the right size collar for your adult pup. To be certain, we recommend that you measure your dog’s neck before you buy.

In this study the head circumference and heights of 354 adults in two British centres were measured. The centile charts constructed from these measurements show that adult head circumference is related to height. The mean head circumference of a male of average height is above the 97th centile for a 16 year old on the Tanner charts.Cited by: 163.