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My Afternoon With Dr. Don, the Male-Spanking Therapist | MEL Magazine adult spank drawing

Spanking fetish images. Fetish Artists. Fetish & Femdom Artwork, Spanking Drawings, Bondage Pictures. Carole’s Initiation Spanking. September 19, 2019 By Richard Evans Lee 1 Comment. Carole’s Initiation, George Morgan. I think these people have deceived poor Carole. If this were a real sorority the women wouldn’t allow a man to be present.

Girl-spanking art by Taira Kibato, Sassy Bottoms, George Jackson Churchward, Ron Wilson, Toma, Riku, Jay Em, and other artists.

THE ART OF ADULT SPANKING. So why do we spank? First of all, it’s the easiest way to experiment for first-time BDSM play; all you need is a hand, a buttock, and some momentum applied to said hand (also a sense of aim, because nobody likes being slapped in the tailbone). Secondly, it’s pretty risk-free; we can’t even venture to think.

If corporal punishment is your theme, images of a bottom being smacked could enliven your bedroom. Your visitors will chuckle upon seeing a lively spanking image. Place these spanking drawings, done in traditional black and white or with rich, full color, strategically for maximum impact in .