- adult stem cell production of twins


adult stem cell production of twins

any type in the adult body; any cell of the extraembryonic membranes (e.g., placenta). The only totipotent cells are the fertilized egg and the first 4 or so cells produced by its cleavage (as shown by the ability of mammals to produce identical twins, triplets, etc.).

B) Cloning to produce embryonic stem cells may lead to great medical benefits for many. C) No embryos would be destroyed in the process of therapeutic cloning. D) Use of adult stem cells is likely to produce more cell types than use of embryonic stem cells.

-take egg cell and another somatic cell from pt that not germ cell.-fuse the two cells and them stimulate cell division-this will form into a blastocyst. remove ICM and cutlture to form new line of embryonic stem cells that are identical to pt.

They can differentiate into related cell types only. For instance, adult stem cells in the bone marrow. can differentiate into blood cells and cells of the immune system, but not other cell types.