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Breaking down goals into both the short and long-term can help your young adult figure out how their actions are impacting their future aspirations. Plus, it’s a great way to reflect on purpose. “[Purpose is] what matters to you and how that looks in your life right .

Always keep track of how much toilet paper you have. Also, buy a plunger before you need one. 13. We’re all fucked!!!!! As a young child, you think adults know everything. When you’re a teenager, you think you know everything. When you’re an adult, you realize that neither you nor anyone else knows anything. 14. RULE OF LIFE: BE ATTRACTIVE.

Jul 16, 2011 · Tips and advice on when to help adult children and when to let them learn valuable life lessons. Many young adults today seem to have the idea that mom and dad are made of money, so they can spend carelessly. She may have issues from the abuse, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's PTSD. The type of help she will need is a good Reviews: 382.

Many parents come to me for help with young adult children who seem unable to move out into the grown-up world. Usually they want me to meet with the young person, hoping that I will magically.