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Tags: erotica, female voice, fiction, MF, straight Aural Voyeurism: Vocals 2. Performed by: Sherilyn and Danica Preview Synopsis: Our vocalists combine their refrains to reach a resounding crescendo. These two complimentary voices create a song that is likely to get stuck in your head.

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Aural Honey also hosts a Patreon where interested listeners can pledge monthly payments in exchange for rewards. $5 patrons receive exclusive livestreams and early access to the site’s erotica Author: Blank Author.

Aug 21, 2016 · The Sounds Of Pleasure There is something for EVERYONE in the strange world of audio erotica. How To Have Orgasms During Sex Sometimes you have to take matters in your own hands. Literally. A Guide To Pleasuring Women (For Guys) If you're a guy who sleeps with women, or hopes to at some point, here are some helpful tips. I Went To An Orgy.