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Q: Can I allow a declawed cat to go outside? A: No, it’s not appropriate for obvious reasons. Letting your cats outside after they’ve been declawed would be cruel because they can’t defend themselves properly. Therefore, owners have to be committed to keep the cat indoors for the rest of its life or to find a family that can Author: Sandy Eckstein.

Sep 04, 2006 · Yes most cats can be declawed, but think long and hard before doing so. If your cat spends any amount of time outside leave his claws be and buy him a scratching post. Cats have claws for a reason, defense, climbing, and for play. If hes not being Status: Open.

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An older cat may have a more difficult recovery from the surgery, so getting it done while it is a young adult is a good idea. However, older cats can still be declawed, although they may need additional pain medication. Outdoor cats should never be declawed because they .