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A group home promotes independence for every resident that lives within the home. The Cost of Senior Group Homes The cost of a senior group home will vary, depending on the area, size of the home and the amenities offered. In general, residents can expect .

Florida Department of Health's role in residential group care. Agency for Health Care Administration for homes/facilities serving the elderly, assisted living facility, adult family-care home, short-term residential treatment center, residential treatment facility, .

Dec 26, 2009 · Adult group homes are subject to state regulations that help protect the health and safety of the residents. Abuse and neglect in adult group homes are major concerns for adult group homes. Elderly adults, especially those suffering physical or mental impairments, are particularly susceptible to nursing home abuse and neglect.

Health Care - Group Homes. Group Homes are facilities licensed by the State of Maryland or the County offering residential accommodations, supervision, or assisted community living for the residents. The number of residents includes members of the staff who resides at the group home but does not include infants less than two months old.