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Aug 26, 2014 · Spencer, Ben., "Growing up without a father can permanently alter the BRAIN: Fatherless children are more likely to grow up angry and turn to drugs," Daily Mail, 2013. Sutherland, Anna., "Yes, Father Absence Causes the Problems It’s Associated With," Institute for Family Studies, 2014. Wilson, T., (2002). “Myths and Facts About Reviews: 98.

Some fathering advocates would say that almost every social ill faced by America’s children is related to fatherlessness. Six are noted here. (Also see related fatherlessness epidemic infographic) As supported by the data below, children from fatherless homes are more likely to be poor, become involved in drug and alcohol abuse, drop out of school, [ ].

Due to various behavioral problems, fatherless kids may have a hard time interacting socially with their peers because of their more disruptive actions. Children with these challenges may then separate themselves because they don't fit in as well and this isolation further exacerbates behavioral issues.

Jan 01, 2018 · As fatherless daughters, many of us didn't have our inner-world tended to as kids. It was largely ignored. Now, as adults, we need to make it a priority, realizing it's what makes us who we are and what makes our lives worth living. Please get the help and support you need so you're happier, and your relationships are richer. Best to you!Reviews: 77.