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Recollections of past favoritism influence perceptions of current favoritism, which means the preferential treatment among adult children may not be as dramatic as it feels, according to a 2009 study headed by Purdue University researchers and published in the Journal of Marriage and Family.

Apr 23, 2011 · When favoritism morphs in to abuse, the health of the family and the psychological well being of all its members is jeopardized: 1) Favorite children grow up with distorted, inflated views of.

Definition: Favoritism - Favoritism is the practice of systematically giving positive, preferential treatment to one child, subordinate or associate among a family or group of peers. ‘Golden Child’ syndrome Everyone has favorites. No two relationships in this world are identical. Every relations.

Even after kids move out, Mom's favoritism still matters. When Mom repeatedly singles out one adult child more than another, whether for praise or a slap on the wrist, she's unwittingly Author: Jeanna Bryner.