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The sensation that one's sphincter is actually aflame, usually occurring after eating bad tex-mex, taking a really nasty shit, or pulling the Steve-O Bottle Rocket stunt from JACKASS NUMBER TWO.

Heinous definition is - hatefully or shockingly evil: abominable. How to use heinous in a sentence. Did You Know?

But they are such only when they seek to gratify the passion of revenge upon their enemies; and I ask whether the mere eating of human flesh so very far exceeds in barbarity that custom which only a few years since was practised in enlightened England: a convicted traitor, perhaps a man found guilty of honesty, patriotism, and suchlike heinous crimes, had his head lopped off with a huge axe.

Sep 15, 2008 · Siblings mini-Episode 2: Heinous Anus Zone. Rob has conceptualized a great idea for a Sonic level, but Johny doesn't want to hear about it. Of course, this 8.7/10(264).