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inappropriate urination in adults

Inappropriate urination. An_248564 posted: Though he is a great kid overall, my 8 year-old son has two serious behavioral issues: 1) urinating on the the floor, pillows, stuffed animals etc. at night; 2) constantly stealing snacks from the house w/o regard to consequences. Searching the web, it seems both problems are shared by many, but.

CONTINGENCY MANAGEMENT OF AN ADULT'S INAPPROPRIATE URINATION AND MASTURBATION IN A FAMILY CONTEXT MARTIN MELLSTROM Department of Psychology, University of Delaware and JOSEPH GELSOMINO* Mental Hygiene Clinic, Veterans Hospital, Wilmington, Delaware Summary-Contingency management was successfully applied to the inappropriate urination Cited by: 4.

Causes in adults Inappropriate urination must occur at least twice a week for three months; or the frequency of inappropriate urination must cause significant distress and interfere with the child's school and/or social life. Finally, the behavior cannot be caused exclusively by a medical condition or as a side effect of medication.

Hyponatremia is the most frequent electrolyte disorder and the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH) accounts for approximately one-third of all cases. In the diagnosis of SIADH it is important to ascertain the euvolemic state of extracellular fluid volume, both clinically and by laboratory measurements.Cited by: 65.