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The community in which you live is important. Those you live with can influence happiness and impact overall well-being. Rusty's Morningstar Ranch provides a safe, nurturing environment for adults with autism in a productive, "whole life" ranch setting, assuring quality and value to each individual according to his or her needs and abilities.

Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch has been providing residential services to adults with autism since 1985. The exceptional staff are well trained and committed to working with each rancher using proven strategies for working with people with autism.

Group Homes and Residential Supports for People with Autism. Here we provide a description of the types of of group homes, supportive living, supervised living, farmstead programs, community living options, family teaching model, cooperatives, shared housing and other residential models.

Rusty's Morningstar Ranch is a home for autistic adults. They live at the ranch with around-the-clock staff members who help the men with their chores, their learning and their play. The ranch has a work program filled with many life experience-type activities. The men do their work in the morning and have therapy, recreation and go on trips in.