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Oct 28, 2017 · We love a good Halloween costume here at, and apparently we're not alone: Americans spent more than $3 billion on costumes last year and we have a feeling that's only going to increase this year. Whether you like dressing up with your crew, using some DIY inspiration, or want to get the whole family involved, we've gathered up the best Halloween costumes for 2019 that Occupation: Lifestyle Editor.

Costumes aren't just for kids! Our adult costumes will have grown-ups getting excited for Halloween. We have a selection of Halloween costumes for women and men of all styles and sizes. Browse through to find plus size costumes, funny adult costumes, and even sexy costumes.

Our brand new adult Halloween costumes for 2019 include standard and plus sizes. Get the latest sexy and unique costumes for 2019 right here!

11 #Topical Halloween Costumes For When You Have No Cash. Low-budget? Yes. Cheap? Also yes. By Jillian Capewell. Rob Carr via Getty Images Call it a blessing and a curse (mostly a curse) -- since the dawn of social media, we have to think a lot more about who's going to see our Halloween costumes. Where we once could wrap toilet paper around.