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Good thing you already had your heart set on a very vampiric Halloween--now you don’t even need to bat an eye or lift a finger to find the perfect outfit to wear. This Deluxe Vampira Costume blends your eye for high style with your dark and daring personality in a way Brand: In Character.

Kids Gothic Vampira Costume. $29.99. Quick View Adult Victorian Vampiress Plus Size Costume For adult vampires, our costumes range from a vampire cape to full disguises, to sexy vampire looks like dresses and corsets, in regular and plus size. Go for the full freak factor when you use a vampire makeup kit to make your costume truly.

Vampire Costumes for Kids & Adults — Vampire Costume Ideas. Nothing sucks the life out of a Halloween party faster than a bad vampire outfit. You've seen it, and perhaps you've even worn it — the outfit, that is. Don't be that vampire this year — the vampire who's only half reanimated and shabbily dressed. Get yourself a really great.

Oct 02, 2016 · I'm a 26/28, big all over, and just fit into this costume. It's really hard to find good costumes for girls my size so it was a relief to find this one slipping on. It probably would have fit a lot nicer on a 22/24 and/or someone with an impressive bust but for a friendly weekend vampire party this did the trick.4.3/5(86).