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9 rows · An IQ scale and IQ test score guide to explain the meaning of your IQ score.

For example, on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale and the Stanford-Binet test, scores that fall between 90 and 109 are considered average IQ scores. On these same tests, scores that fall between 110 and 119 are considered high average IQ scores. Scores between 80 and 89 are classified as low average.

Jan 08, 2019 · That score is then compared to the averages to determine a child’s average IQ score by age. IQ tests measure several cognitive abilities, including spatial reasoning, fluid reasoning, and verbal intelligence. Let’s have a look at a practical example of how to calculate an IQ score and what scores are considered poor and superior.Author: Mindvalley.

The main idea behind the adult average IQ score is that there is a majority of the people who have the same level of intelligence as their fellows have. However, there comparatively few people who are highly intelligent or feeble-minded.