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The prince's wand is a sensual piece of body jewellery and it's a great kink toy that people can use with their piercings. A Prince's wand is generally a two piece insertable urethral plug that consists of an insertable arm, and a small detachable arm towards the tip.

Define: Penis Plug. Definition: A penis plug, sometimes called a Cock Plug, is a male sex toy, or item of erotic jewellery inserted into the urethra which can heighten and increase arousal, and in some cases intensify orgasm. It is said using a penis plug or medical sound during masturbation feels like being masturbated from the inside out.

Penis Plug & Glans Ring | UK Glans Ring Information. Prince's wand is a kind of penis plug that is often referred to as the policeman’s nightstick due to its standard shape. It is generally a long, gradually thicker tube that culminates in a round bulbous end.

Princes Wand - great fun accessory. It is a fun accessory, which fits inside the uretha, and the spigot screw inserted through a Prince Albert piercing. It is quite important to get the size direct making sure that is not too thick or too long. Into the end of the wand there is usually a screw with a ball attached.5/5(8).