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Penetrations Through Rated Wall and Floor Assemblies PN 101-Pipe Penetration Through Wall. UL Design- W-L-1041. Download.

Why is fire protection important? Fire protection systems can save lives and contain damage to a building during a fire, so it’s important to include passive fire protection – firestop systems – in any building design, right from the start of a project. Introduction to fire protection.

Through Penetrations (85) Product Family 3M™ Fire Barrier Blocks,Plugs, Planks and Fire-Rated Foam (5) 3M™ Fire Barrier Composite Sheets, Mortar and Pillows (8) 3M™ Fire Barrier Devices (20) 3M™ Fire Barrier Door, Window, and Fire-Rated Safe Gasket Materials (3).

December 2016 Page 1 of 7. Penetrations of Rated Wall and Floor Assemblies. Article and photos by Gregory Havel. December 2016. Building and fire codes require the construction of some.