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If there's a redhead in your life, you're probably not wondering if they're a witch, a vampire, or an alien. But beliefs about redheads from history weren't quite as accommodating. Legends and myths about people with red hair can be found in the ancient -and sometimes present.

We have seen not only negative but positive traits come through in the folklore of the redhead, and the same is true of any cultural group. The beauty of folklore in itself is that it celebrates diversity and tradition through both sides of the metaphorical coin. Long may it be the case.

Believe it or not, redheads account for only two percent of the population, worldwide, according to Red: A History of the Redhead by Jacky Colliss Harvey. It's more common in places like northern and western Europe, where redheads in turn make up higher percentages of the population.Author: Cat Lafuente.

Greek mythology says redheads turn to vampires after death. Just one question, Bram Stocker vampire or Twilight vampire? There’s a slight difference. British tradition says that on New Year’s Day, your first caller will bring you luck. Brunettes bring the best luck, blondes bring none, widowers are bad luck, and redheads bring the worst luck!