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Thinking about having anal sex, but don't know if you're a top or bottom?First things first: Let's take a look at what the terms mean. Bear in mind that human sexuality is fluid and highly nuanced, and the labels as used here are meant only to help us understand each other, not to stereotype or classify too strictly.

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during sex, one person is underneath the other. that would be the bottom, who is usually the less dominant one in the relationship. He's usually a top, but he'll bottom for the right guy. by Roody August 17, 2005. 668 364. Get a BOTTOM mug for your father Abdul. 6. bottom unknown.

Top. In BDSM, top can mean either a dominant partner (see below) in BDSM play (such as flogging, binding, being master, humiliating, and sexual play), or a partner who applies stimulation to another, and who may or may not be dominant. Topping from the bottom is a related BDSM term, meaning a person simultaneously adopts the role of bottom and dom.. A service top is a person who applies.