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Yes, I am an adult and believe over 18 is adult for a good spanking then upto 60/70/or 80 for those who are strong both genders male/female I am a male of 68 years of age I have been spanked as an adult it was effective and taught me the lesson I was suppose to learn from getting spanked/strapped a .

Mar 02, 2018 · 20 year old college student still spanked at home. I am technically an adult, after all! Really the only way to get away from this, is for me to move out and stop accepting financial support from them. This is something I don’t think I can currently afford. My part-time job pays just enough to cover my portion of my tuition, and I really.

Jan 26, 2019 · No. Chances are you shouldn't have ever been spanked. My mother was a big believer in spanking. There was nothing more terrifying than seeing your mother dog her claws into your brother and sister and wail away. Hearing my brother scream in pain a.

Do you get spanked as an adult? I do. I live in care and if I do something bad I have to go to my room by myself for 15 minutes and then a staff come in and sit down in a chair and tell me to stand up and step to them and take my pants down and I get the paddle 10 times and then I .