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Masturbation: Is It Wrong? | Today's Christian Woman is masturbation right for christians

Masturbation is a complicated issue that doesn't lend to a clear black and white answer. I want to be realistic about the struggle without giving freedom that God perhaps hasn't given. Let's start with the basics. At a purely biological level, masturbation isn't that much different than other things we do with our bodies—like picking our noses.Author: Dr. Juli Slattery.

God created sex to be something beautiful, right, and pure. It is meant to be pleasurable. Christians generally believe that sex is to be enjoyed in marriage between a man and a woman. Many believe that sex between a married couple is the only acceptable sexual act, .

The Bible does not discuss masturbation at all. This seems a little odd since it is such a strong and prevalent human event. And, given that Leviticus has so much to say about sexuality, one would think it natural that the subject would be covered. But it isn't. Masturbation is not specifically.

Are they right?” I wanted to get a diversity of perspectives in response to this question, so I contacted several folks whose opinion on matters related to sexuality I respect, and asked them this question: Is masturbation an acceptable component to healthy sexuality for Christians?Author: Rachel Held Evans.