- rumble strip depth and width


rumble strip depth and width

Rumble Strip Types. depth, width, shape, and spacing may also change with the road agency. Summary of selected State highway agency shoulder rumble strip dimensions Typical widths are 5 to 7 inches with 12 inch spacing and approximately 0.5 inch depth. Milled rumble strips are made by a machine with a rotary cutting head, which creates.

DEPTH 1 1 SINUSOIDAL RUMBLE STRIP PATTERN 13 " 4 0 3/1 7" 14" 2" 5 / 4" 83 4" 101 2" 12/1 4 13/ "4 " shoulder rumble strips are within the range of 8-12 in. a 16 in shoulder rumble strip is required on freeway segments. the standard width of centerline rumble strips on bituminous pavements is 14 in. input correct rumble width.

The data acquisition team manually recorded or validated the rumble strip pattern dimensions (length, width, depth, and spacing), rumble strip pattern type (milled or rolled), rumble strip location (shoulder or centerline), pavement surface type (concrete or asphalt), and pavement surface condition (dry or wet).

When a centerline rumble is used, sufficient driving width is defined as having a minimum of 10 ft. between the edge of the centerline rumble and the inside edge of the edgeline rumble. The edgeline stripe (4 inches) should be placed over the inside edge of the mini rumble strip (i.e., mini rumble stripe).