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High blood pressure's effect on sexual problems in women isn't well-understood. But it's possible that high blood pressure could affect a woman's sex life. High blood pressure can reduce blood flow to the vagina. For some women, this leads to a decrease in sexual desire or arousal, vaginal dryness, or difficulty achieving orgasm.

Apr 08, 2015 · In response to our series of articles on sex and blood pressure, we recently received a question about whether it was safe to have sex if you have hypertension.The person was wondering if they would have a heart attack through over stimulation and over exertion. Well first let me say: Congratulations if you are able to have sex despite high blood pressure.

To understand how high blood pressure can lead to erectile dysfunction, you first have to understand how erections work. Getting an erection is really a complicated process. In the shaft of the.

Sep 16, 2018 · So, how does sex lower blood pressure? High blood pressure puts pressure on the blood vessels, leading to damaged and narrowed hardened arteries. The same effects that endanger the cardiovascular system can also cause erectile dysfunction in men (think about it for a second) and reduced arousal and ability to achieve orgasm in women.