Somatic sex determination - sex determination and dosage compensation


X-Chromosome dosage compensation sex determination and dosage compensation

Figure 3. Genetic control of sex determination and dosage compensation in C. elegans. (A) xol-1 is the master sex-determination switch gene that controls both sex determination and dosage compensation. It is the direct molecular target of the X-chromosome counting mechanism that determines sex.

This system of sex determination is unique, because there is no male specific chromosome, as is the case in XX/XY sex determination systems. However, as is the case with the previously discussed mechanisms of dosage compensation, failure to express X-linked genes appropriately can still be lethal.

Abstract. Sex determination and dosage compensation in Drosophila are implemented by the ratio of X-chromosomes to sets of autosomes (X:A ratio). Our aim was to change this X:A ratio during development, and to assess the response of the affected cells in sexually dimorphic structures.Cited by: 117.

Sex Determination and Dosage Compensation. Exam 2. STUDY. PLAY. Terms in this set () fundamental difference between male and female. gamete size-females produces larger gametes. genotypic sex determination (GSD) sex is determined genetically, by the chromosome composition of a cell or organisms.