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The Oval is the premiere green space on the Ohio State campus, and every season brings a new dimension to it. The area is very green, crisscrossed with pathways to get you in any direction you need to go, and there are trees dotted along to provide some strategically placed shade.4.5/5(12).

On a sunny day in central Ohio, head out to Oval Beach, formally titled The Oval, pass out beverages to the hundreds of students milling about, and raise a glass to the ingenious architects of Ohio State’s campus for giving us such an expanse of unobstructed, lush .

Search Ohio State Search Ohio State Search. Campus Map. Site Navigation. Map; Search; Building index; Additional resources; The Oval. The Oval. View on map. Nearby public parking: Parking Garage - Twelfth Ave; Parking Garage - Tuttle Park Pl; Nearby ATMs and Banking. Huntington Bank ATM - 0.2 of .

Mar 05, 2017 · “To many people, the Oval symbolizes Ohio State University,” John Herrick, the former campus planning director who has a university street named after Author: Tom Knox.