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Why I Don't Use My Gun's Slide Release Lever thumb slide catch

Dec 18, 2015 · Step 7: Upgrade your P226 Thumb Controls The decocking lever and slide catch levers on the Legion are different than any appearing on a P226 before. The Legion marketing calls them “Low Profile.” They look, and function, great on the gun but they’re actually not unique to the Legion. Believe it or not, those are the standard decocking [ ].

Trailer Parts Superstore offers several different universal fit Cabinet Door Catches, Barrel Catches, Cabinet Latches, Compartment Locks and Thumb Locks at discount prices.

At SSI, we work with competitive action shooters. This gives us a close insight into what works and lets us see, first hand, the quality of the parts we sell.

The Heavy Duty Gate Latch offers simple security The Heavy Duty Gate Latch offers simple security for inward- and outward-swinging gates and doors. It features a self-latching easy-to-use swing-type latch. When latch retracts it is completely flush with door which eliminates any safety concerns with latch protruding beyond door end when opened.