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More recently, young Asian American comedians and film-makers have found an outlet on YouTube allowing them to gain a strong and loyal fanbase among their fellow Asian Americans. There have been several Asian American-centric television shows in American media, beginning with Mr. T and Tina in 1976, and as recent as Fresh Off the Boat in 2015.California: 5,556,592.

Asian-Americans The model minority is losing patience. Asian-Americans are the United States’ most successful minority, but they are complaining ever more vigorously about discrimination.

The Journal of Asian Economics was founded in 1990 by the American Committee on Asian Economic Studies (ACAES) as a forum for research on all aspects of the economies of Asia. The Journal serves the ACAES mission to promote economic research on Asia and facilitate engagement between Asian economists and their global counterparts.

Economics. Economic Team. Despite having a combined Asian American purchasing power of $4 billion and more than 15,000 businesses, generalized data such as those highlighted above leads to systemic exclusion of the population, and often makes communities in need invisible.