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Mar 01, 2015 · What activities do Asian American clubs do? I'm thinking of starting an Asian American/Pacific Islander club at my high school. I live in a place made up of mostly non-asians and I'd like the few of us to feel togetherness and family.

Jul 18, 2009 · Me and my best friend are starting an Asian Culture Club in our highschool. It isn't some kind of club EXCLUDING all other races out, we encourage others to join too. The point of the club is to learn about the MANY DIFFERENT, AND INTRESTING cultures located all over Asia. Can someone please tell me some activities Me and her can organize for this club?Followers: 1.

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Replies to: Ideas for an Asian culture club? #1. Our big thing was planning a big festival-like event at the school, with different cultures having different activities and tables. Guests got a "passport" where you could get a stamp from all the different countries. You could do something like that and limit it to Asian .