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Interactive Charts can also be customized to store your favorite settings. Time To change the time frame of your chart, click on the desired length. (1 and 5 day charts) and end of day charts.

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If you want to see up-to-the-minute price action for a stock or other security, an intraday chart will not disappoint. This type of chart shows an investment’s price movements and trading volume within a given trading day -- typically between 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern time. Because of .

If there are bars in the chart, even a few, then to re-download Intraday data for the symbol of the chart, follow these instructions. Important: To make sure that the historical Intraday data request is routed to the proper source, it is necessary that the Symbol Settings are up-to-date by following the instructions to Update the Symbol Settings.This only needs to be done one time.