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Aug 08, 2018 · Asian artists are today’s craze. We embark on our constant search for great contemporary art talents, so we set out to explore the wonderful continent of Asia and some of its most renowned street and urban art names. Even though they have already broke the restraints of geographical borders and.

This list is intended to encompass Japanese who are primarily fine artists. For information on those who work primarily in film, television, advertising, manga, anime, video games, or performance arts, please see the relevant respective articles.

List of Thai artists and foreign artists based in Thailand.This database welcome famous artists and emerging artists based in Asia: Singapore, Hong-Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Japan, etc. Feel free to contact us to add your artist .

Contemporary American artists of Asian heritage bring a combined legacy to their work, and varieties of Asian thought and spiritual practice have had a profound and lasting influence on a surprising number of Western artists. Influence has been a two-way street between contemporary American art Author: Smithsonian Institution.