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Asia is a continent of uniqueness, fascination and bewilderment all brought about by its cultures, economies, populations, landscapes, plants and animals. The oldest civilizations, highest peaks, populous cities, and tallest buildings are all found in Asia. Below you will find our curated 40 interesting facts about Asia.

Asia Facts – Facts about Asia Summary. Asia is the largest continent, and has an endlessly varied landscape and an interesting array of animals. Its densely populated cities are home to some of the world’s tallest buildings and largest shopping malls.

The United States has recognized May as Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month since 1992. In honor of the cultural observance, the U.S. Census Bureau has compiled a series of facts about the Asian American community.How much do you know about the diverse groups that make up this community?

Some of these fascinating facts about Asia may surprise you. Learn about life expectancy, mobile phone use, population density, and more. but these interesting facts about Asia hint at some of the extremes found there. The land borders for Asia—and the list of what countries are considered "Asian"—is not clear. This causes a lot of.