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Oct 04, 2015 · Like Western music, the East Asian pentatonic scales are actually based on mathematical formulas, in which the distance between notes is decided by ratios of pitches.

South Asian arts - South Asian arts - Music: The wide field of musical phenomena in South Asia ranges from the relatively straightforward two- or three-tone melodies of some of the hill tribes in central India to the highly cultivated art music heard in concert halls in the large cities. This variety reflects the heterogeneous population of the subcontinent in terms of ethnic heritage.

East Asian arts - East Asian arts - Music: East Asia can be viewed as one of the big four among the generally urban, literate cultural areas of the world. The other three are South Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Around each of these major regional cultures one can find many satellite musical systems known as national forms. In most cases, the fundamental musical concepts of such national.