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In the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Bihar, and in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, the seeds are planted and made to germinate and the fleshy stems (below the surface) are boiled or roasted and eaten. It is very fibrous and nutritious. The Asian palmyra palm is a symbol of Cambodia where it is a very common palm, Family: Arecaceae.

In some countries palm civets are also kept as pets. Palm civets are all-eaters or omnivores. Their diet consists of small mammals and insects and also fruits and berries such as the coffee berries. As a beneficial side effect, palm civet cats generously disperse seeds maintaining the tropical-ecosystem due to their movements through the forest.

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Toddy Palm Seed from Chaokoh (look dtahn in Thai) is a clear and crunchy seed used for making Thai desserts. Serve over crushed ice and syrup or top your favorite ice cream for a delicious Asian dessert. Shelf life is 2 years stored at room temperature unopened. Also see Toddy Palm Paste.