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2. Press the mixture to squeeze out the excess liquid. Poke a 1/2-inch-deep hole in the center of the mixture in each pot. Place an Asian pear seed into each hole and cover it.

How to Start an Asian Pear Tree From Seed. Pale yellow, almost perfectly round fruits with a flavor somewhere between and apple and a pear, Asian pears have a light, crispy texture that delights the palate. For the gourmet gardener, growing an Asian pear tree is a rewarding experience. Seeds from this tasty fruit have a high germination rate. 15 Seeds Chinese Sand Pear, Sand Pear, Japanese Pear, Asian Pear, Oriental Pear, Chinese Pear Tree (Pyrus pyrifolia) Fruit Tree: Garden & Outdoor5/5(1).

Asian pears are fast becoming a standard fruit in grocery stores across the world. In some markets they have been popular for several years as the growth of the tree has spread to new areas. You can start a tree yourself from the seeds of an Asian pear that you maybe have eaten, saving the core and the seeds.