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Rain Forest Life 1.: Asia asian rainforest insects

A rainforest insects list containing species from rainforests all around the world. Introduction: Insects That Live In Rainforests (Scroll down to see the insects!) Rainforest Biodiversity. Rainforests are known for their high levels of biodiversity (the amount of species found in one place).

INSECTS IN ASIA: GIANT WALKING STICKS, FIREFLIES, ATLAS MOTHES AND MARAUDER ANTS. INSECTS IN ASIA. There are some big insects in Southeast Asia. The Pharnacia kirby stick insect of the rain forests of Borneo is the world's longest insect. According to the Guinness Book of Records, one specimen had a body length of 12.9 inches (20 inches.

In the Southeast Asian Rainforest five native insects include beetles and leeches. Army ants, walking sticks, and Trachinid flies live in the rainforest.

The trees in the Asian rain forest are also home for many strange insects. The pitcher plant takes advantage of the forest’s many insects by trapping them in its long neck and then dissolving them in the acid at the bottom. Amsel, Sheri. "Asian Rainforest" Exploring Nature Educational Resource ©2005-2019. September 9, 2019.