- asian wooden flute


asian wooden flute

Unique 13" Exotic Authentic Traditional Bamboo Wooden Flute Great Sound Indian Musical Instrument by Bethlehem Gifts TM (Hand Carved) 3.0 out of 5 stars 23. Hand Carved Carrotmusic Model DS101 C Beginner Level Shinobue Japanese Bamboo Flute. 3.5 out .

These flutes (execpt the wooden ones) are made from Japanese madake bamboo which is renowned for making the worlds finest shakuhachi s. Because of the increase in worldwide demand for quality shakuhachi, suitable culms of madake bamboo is becoming ever .

Japanese Bamboo Flutes: The shakuhachi flute is used as a tool for zen Buddhist meditation as well as playing classical, jazz & traditional Japanese folk music. Tai Hei Shakuhachi is the originator of the Precision Cast Bore© Technology.

My 21 1/2 inch side-blown Oriental flute is inspired by the Japanese Shakuhachi scale - a deep, rich, enchanting, meditative flute with a melodic, pentatonic scale that plays in 1 1/2 to 2 octaves. In Japan the end blown Shakuhachi was played by former Samurai who could no longer carry their swords by government decree.