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baby penis white

Today I was changing my 6mth old son and i noticed something white coming out of the skin of his penis. Right in between the head and the other part (I don't know what its called). It kinda looks like a very long white head. I mean it looks like there is a white worm looking thing under the skin.

there seems a small white lump on the side of my baby's penis. please tell me whether it's a cause of any alarm.

How to Care for Your Baby Boy’s Penis. In this Article In this Article It’s normal for the tip of the penis to look red and appear to have a crusty white or yellow coating. That helps the Author: Daphne Sashin.

Baby's First Year Community. Announcements. Attention All WebMD Community Members: These message boards are closed to posting. Today the head of my son's penis looked terrifyingly purple. Could this be an infection or a sign of bad circulation or is it completely normal and we're just freaking out? I looked it up in my baby care book.