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45 Traditional Geisha Tattoo that Inspire your Artistic Side geisha tatoo

Geisha tattoo is one of the popular tattoos with its origin from the Japanese culture. Geisha tattoo symbolises beauty and mystery and is often done in bigger designs and worn in larger places like the full back, full arm and other places. Geisha tattoo is a rather unique design as Geishas are often misunderstood to be women of the night.

Geisha Tattoo Design As a tattoo, the geisha is worn by men and women. It is considered to be a symbol of the Japanese culture and in Western cultures, it is a symbol of exotic grace and divine beauty.

Geisha tattoos are quite popular especially in the East, but geisha tattoos are very popular all over the world and many people adore and prefer to have this tattoo of a woman in very colorful kimono than anything else. If you ask some people why they prefer a geisha tattoo, most say that a geisha is a symbol of beauty, elegance, art, and mystery.

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