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81 rows · This is a list of longest rivers of Asia.Included are all rivers over 1,000 km (620 mi) that are in Asia.Dependencies and other territories: British Indian .

Apr 25, 2017 · The Yangtze River, with a length of 6,300 km is the longest Asian River and the third longest river in the world. The Yangtze River In China, The Longest Asian River Which Drains One-Fifth Of The Land Area Of The People's Republic Of China Rivers have served as the lifeline of the greatest Author: Khushboo Sheth.

Chenab River - India, and Pakistan; Deduru Oya River - Sri Lanka; Devi River - India; Euphrates (Fırat) - Turkey, Syria, Iraq; Gal Oya River - Sri Lanka; Ganges River - India; Ghaggar River; Gin River - Sri Lanka; Ga'aton River- Israel; Godavari - India; Hai - China - Yellow Sea; Han River - Korea - Yellow Sea; Hari River, Afghanistan Dependencies and other territories: British Indian .

Asian rivers are very beautiful; they have an amazing reflection of nature. This article will focus on the top 10 longest rivers in Asia. Thus, if you want to travel to Asia and visit its rivers just relax and follow this writing. 10 The Euphrates: It is a river that bears a historical importance in Western Asia.Author: Nourhanne.