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East Asian Chinese. Aero (Marvel Comics) Avery Ho, The Flash of China (DC Comics) Auric from Gamma Flight (Marvel Comics) Black Widow (Monica Chang) (Marvel Comics) Blink (Days of Future Past version) (Marvel Comics) Cassie Chan from the Power Rangers universe; Grace Choi from the Outsiders (DC Comics) Claw from Primal Force (DC Comics).

Here are the ten greatest Asian Marvel superheroes of all-time. Marvel comics has a ton of great Asian characters and they need to use them now. Marvel is having a hard time portraying Asian characters. There's the debacle of Iron Fist which pushed yet another Author: Maurice Mitchell.

Nov 17, 2016 · Asian Superheroes of DC & Marvel. Work in progress please feel free to suggest any additions for this list. *Last update: 17 November 2016. List items.

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