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Asian Quotes. View the list An Asian way of eating and living may help prevent and even reverse the progression of coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, prostate cancer and breast cancer. Incorporate more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, soy products and fish in your diet.

Rather than saying let's make more big studio Asian American films, let's say, let's bring more and highlight more Asian American films - indie or big studio out prominently in the press and media so there are more different Asian voices heard. - The Asian American .

87 quotes have been tagged as asia: Roman Payne: ‘People wonder why so many writers come to live in Paris. I’ve been living ten years in Paris and the an.

We promote Asian storytelling - not just Asian stories but Asian people in stories with the full spectrum of the human experience. When you say, 'Oh, it's not enough attention on Asians. It's more black and white,' that game becomes like you're playing the discrimination Olympics.