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How to Replace a Ford Escort Starter by John Rose When it comes time to replace the starter on the Ford Escort, most people find it easier than with most other cars because you do not have to crawl under the car to get to the starter.

Part Came From MK6 Ford Escort 55 Van 1.8D Starter Motor 97BB-11000-B30 A used Item in good working order, some cosmetic marks appropriate to age of the part, see pictures.

Part Number: F7PZ11002LA. The part number for thisstarter motor is F7PZ11002LA. You may use this starter motor to replace one single factory original. Escort, Tracer. USED Automotive Starter Motor. I have been involved since the 1950's with factory training from Ford, GM, and Chrysler.

A poorly functioning Ford Escort starter potentially leaves you stranded on the side of the road in dangerous conditions. When your ignition key is rotated to the crank position, a low-amperage electrical signal is transmitted to the anti-theft system and computer, which keeps an eye on the clutch safety switch positions and gear selection.