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Boat owners can fight barnacles with new eco-friendly method remove barnacles from boat bottoms

To power wash the barnacles away, it is best to have them dry. Remove the boat from the water and allow the barnacles to dry for several weeks. This method can be done while the barnacles are wet, but may not be as effective. Have a wide, open area to work in. Spray the barnacles with the power washer at an angle to get underneath the edge.

Remove your boat from the water. Because you may release harmful chemicals from the anti-fouling paints used on the hull when removing barnacles, you must do so in a marina that filters runoff water before discharging it back into the main water body.

Is there an easy way to remove barnacles? The short answer is “no.” Just listen to a brief description of these shell-fouling organisms as described in an Interlux coatings information sheet: Shell-fouling microscopic organisms are hatched in the sea. They swim around until they find a nice neighborhood (your boat bottom) to attach.

Jul 04, 2013 · Boat owners can fight barnacles with new eco-friendly method Segelbåt III Barnacles can be found in all marine environments and are a major problem for both small boats and large ships.Author: Science X Staff.