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Sexual harassment and sexual violence are by no means new issues. What has changed is the role of social media in these issues. This powerful and troubling lesson plan uses a specific rape case to launch research into a discussion of the.

Here are 8 resources for exploring questions and issues around sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement: 1. A Short History of the Long Fight Against Sexual Harassment (via KQED) In this lesson plan, students explore sexual harassment (historic and current), including workplace harassment, and consider ways to address it. 2.

Jan 10, 2013 · Overview | How widespread are sexual harassment and sexual violence among teenagers today, and what role is social media playing? In this lesson, students take an anonymous survey about their own experiences. They then examine several recent articles, from The New York Times and elsewhere, about sexual harassment and assault in the age of social media.

Confronting Sexual Harassment This unit involves students in specific activities that reinforce communication strategies for preventing conflict primarily dealing with sexual harassment. Students learn concrete facts about sexual harassment and dispel myths that can lead to disrepect, distrust and inconsiderate behaviors.