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It is important that patients regularly visit a doctor and be aware of potential signs of breast cancer. Breast or Nipple Pain as a Symptom of Breast Cancer. Breast or nipple pain is a feeling of discomfort, tenderness, or affliction in any part of the breast or underarm region.

Jan 30, 2015 · Nipple Pain and Soreness: Causes and Treatment. PJ HamelPatient is perhaps the most common cause of nipple pain and soreness. Whether it Author: PJ Hamel.

Nipple pain may arise if there has been an injury because of sports or work-related duties; A pain in your chest, ribs, muscles or spine may feel like breast pain. How to Deal With Male Nipple Pain. If you are experiencing pain in your breast you should first do an examination of the area to find out the exact source of the issue.

Feb 27, 2018 · Nipple Issues: When To Worry, When To Wait. when your nipple decides to retreat into your breast. What’s up with all of this? And when should you call the doctor? soreness, lumps — it Author: PJ Hamel.